Q. What are your terms for trading at markets that you operate?
A. All markets have different terms and conditions but on application all new traders will be provided with a set of market rules and a health and safety leaflet which must be completed before trading and signed to state that you agree and will abide by them.


Q. Do I need insurance?
A. Yes this is contained within the aforementioned document. A current public liability insurance policy or cover note will need to be seen by our staff before trading.


Q. What is your policy regarding counterfeit goods?
A. We do not wish for such goods to be sold at any event we manage. If you are found to be selling any such items we will remove them from sale and you will be asked not to repeat this. If you do we will ban you from trading with us completely and you will not be allowed to work at any event that we run. We are not infallible and sometimes such items are sold covertly. If we find these goods an automatic ban will be applied.


Q. Do you accept casual traders?
A. Yes but public liability insurance proof is required and market rules forms need to be completed prior to trading.


Q. Are new to market trading traders allowed?
A. Of course. They are the new generation of market traders for the future. We will give advice on all issues from insurance brokers, stall and canopy manufacturers and any practical advice we can give.


Q. What general advice would you give new traders?
A. Research your product well to ensure that you sell items that are in demand. Ensure that you can buy the goods that you intend to sell at a cheap enough price that is affordable to the public after you have your profit margin added. Ensure that your vehicle is legal in every way as VOSA often target market approaches to make vehicle inspections. Get up early to enable you arrive at the market in time. Most of the markets that we run these days are near motorways such as the M25 which can become very congested after 7.00am. Be patient on the first day of trading as we are at our busiest from early morning to 9.00am. Better still please book on the week before you wish to trade and fill the forms out beforehand this will save delays and see you at your stall quicker for setting up purposes.